Exploring the enigmatic Beaumont, Texas

Beaumont texas

Beaumont is strategically located within the theBeaumont–Port Arthur Metropolitan Statistical Area, garnering its enigmatic appeal. Think about energy stuff, probably the oil that powers your automobile came from one of the drilling stations right here on Beaumont. Don’t fret, you won’t be swimming on black gold though, there’s pretty much a lot of stuff to do on this wonderful city such as swimming on blue waters on the beach. Another important reminded is to always ready your ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) Visa with and bring it with you at all times. If and for any other reasons that you don’t have it yet, you can easily get one by going online.

Beaumont is no doubt a wealthy city; time is on its side though since it started booming as early as 1901 with its economy centered mainly on lumber, farming, and port industries. Now it’s a major industrial area on the Gulf Coast.

What to do, well you can juggle between indoor and outdoor activities literally. Of course, book a hotel to fully explore this enigmatic city and do some ninja backpacking to the woods or take an urban adventure.

Beaumont CathederalLet us start with the downtown area heading straight to the Jefferson Theater. It was built in 1927, a really long way down the memory lane. Have you seen the “Rose of the Golden West” movie? It was the very first movie shown on this theater plus the wonderful performance of Jefferson Grand Orchestra. How do I know? Because they’re good even now. This is perfect for your date, so keep the romance alive by watching either a musical or a romantic movie, in the end you can simply set the mood into a warm and cuddly night.

Now, let’s head to museums, there’s plenty of them but we can zero in on most famous ones. Ever wonder how it feels to be an aristocrat, did it sound right? You can visit the McFaddin-Ward House and literally feel like you own the world. The admission is cheap but the feeling is electric. You can find elegant items on any of its floors and most importantly, its green grounds are simply splendid, think beautiful gardens, ancient azalea bushes and oak trees that are still standing on its land. Spindletop gusher you say? That pertains to the treetops. Not so trivial after all.

Perhaps it’s time for real fun. Let’s head to the Crystal Beach in the greater Beaumont area. Don’t mind the cops, they are there to keep you safe and the other hundreds of locals wanting to do the same thing as you, unwind and relax on its waters. Nonetheless, the more the merrier. This is perfect for a quick getaway since you don’t have to complicate your itinerary with mind numbing lists and priorities, just get your gear and hop onto the next ride – great for backpackers.

Save the Boomtown Lake for your intimate adventure conclusion. Witness the skies change colors from bright pink, to orange and finally as if the lights are getting put out during sunset. I get the feeling of romance brimming in the air. This is the perfect spot for both fun and romance. Have fun.


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