London Awaits

London Skyline

My first international trip was to London, England. When I travel I like to get deep into the roots of a city and learn how the people live life and where they go as locals. London did not disappoint.

Firstly, don’t be afraid to get onto the subway, or the Underground. You see the most interesting people riding and get a chance to strike up a conversation. Even though nearly everyone wears black or grey, they really are approachable and of course they know you are a tourist because you are wearing jeans. Most everyone I encountered was friendly and offered up their favorite places to eat and play.

Here are a list of wonderful places that every tourist should visit, but I really encourage you to step out of the norm and your own comfort zone and explore!

Tower bridge London*The Tower of London, my far my favorite of all of the landmarks and buildings it has quite a wicked past.

*The London Eye, this is the best way of seeing the whole city scape and what a view it offers, but it is a bit pricey, instead if your budget is tight head to Hampstead Heath and visit the gorgeous surroundings.

big ben london*Buckingham Palace, obviously the most well known landmark, stay for the changing of the guard.

*Museums: The National Gallery, The British Museum, The Natural History, The Science Museum, Tate Modern, Victoria and Albert Museum. There are many gorgeous places to get your fill in the magnificent city of London.

There are well over one thousand hot spots to play in London. I found that Ye Olde Mitre had some great history and great beer as well. The locals love this place and are very friendly and will openly tell you of their other favorite haunts. The bars in the East End of London tend to cater to the locals and you will meet good people there. If you are an adventuresome type, you must do the Jack the Ripper tours; you will learn all about the grizzly murders and even visit the places the bodies were discovered and you finish up in the same pub old Jack hung out in. It is very colorful if not just a tad bit scary, but you are safe and it is well worth the fun.

London ParlimentJust walking around London you feel every sense of history as you wander past buildings and walls that are centuries older than our own country, it is a little humbling. You must visit Piccadilly Circus and ride the double decker buses. This place holds quite a feast for your eyes with people of every shape and design playing amongst the shops. This was one of my favorite places of all, and I tell everyone I know to make that little trip and make sure to “Mind The Gap.” Cheers!


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