Traveling to London


London is an incredible Capital City. Home to over 8 million inhabitants all considered some of the friendliest people in the world, I had no doubts that myself, and my husband would have an unforgettable holiday. What attracted me to this city was the variety of fun things on offer to do. I like to keep active and found that on any given night, depending on individual interests, there truly was something to appeal to all tastes.

The first step in my planning was to search for discount hotels in London. The popularity of the area made finding a place an easy and fast process. Any hotel I looked at also had a ton of past customer reviews which narrowed down my search. I also booked London airport transfer in advance at a good price.

Once the hotel, flight, and coach bus were booked it was time to decide what we wanted to do.

Once the hotel and flight was booked it was time to decide what we wanted to do. The first place of interest was the Buckingham Palace, mainly out of historic reasoning and to see if it looked better in person. I wasn’t prepared for the very long walk down a straight street to view it, but the stunning park and infamous Guards on the way made it easier. Once you arrive to the Palace you will be greeted with hundreds of tourists, a schedule for the changing of the guard and the large protective gates. No access is granted but you get a decent view on the outside, well worth the walk.

Buckingham PalaceOn the first evening I was all about finding a good British pub. The CrabTree offered me a wine list and views of the Thames. What I enjoyed about this venue was that the outdoors was even more exciting than inside. You could sit under a Willow Tree, or just join some locals on the long wooden tables. After that we booked the London Eye experience, it was absolutely breathtaking and really gave us a feel of what London was all about. My camera was full of pictures from every angle, this is really something that you can not leave this fabulous city without checking out for yourself.

Camden TownThe next day involved an early morning trip to Camden Town Market. The cobbled pathways where exactly how I envisioned this area to be. The vintage stalls have everything from clothes, to handmade essentials and of course collectibles for the Tourists who want to acquire some British souvenirs. After shopping it was time to visit Chinatown for food and quick dash around. This is a very busy area packed to the brim with tourists and locals. After a few solid hours of exploring we dined in quality at the Four Seasons. It opens late night to deal with the huge crowd.

Next on the list was the National History Museum, perfect for historical fans and those who love dinosaurs. On the final day it was time for some beautiful photographs around Trafalgar Square. We found ourselves mingling with Londoners and workers who where having their lunch outside and chilling. This was such a casual area, busy but relaxing. Although I didn’t get to see a play it’s on my list for when I return to this incredible city.



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