Strange Things Greyhound Race Trainers Have Done

Strange Things Greyhound Race Trainers Have Done

Greyhound racing is one of the many things that online blackjack gamblers wager on. It’s just like betting on horse racing, the only difference being that with greyhounds, there is no one riding the greyhounds.

Greyhound racing, like all the other racing, means that there has to be a winner and a loser. Due to the fact that all the trainers want to be winners, they have done some strange things to get there. Today, we look at some of the things that the greyhound trainers have done to get more real money rewards.

Odd things that Greyhound racers do to win

Doping Greyhounds

A trainer in the UK is said to have admitted having been doping his dogs to slow them down. He admitted to the act on a BBC Panorama documentary. The reason for doping his dogs was to slow them down.

By slowing them down, the dogs’ odds of winning would drop. When the dogs had dropped, he would then stop doping them. Then when they win the races, he would make more money. almost like tempering with the house edge in real money best online casinos usa games.

Live Luring

Live luring mean using live animals in order to get the greyhounds to race faster. Animals that trainers would use include pigs, rabbits and other small animals. These animals would be swung into the track as live bait for the greyhounds.

Using Drugs on the Greyhounds

There have been quite a number of cases where greyhounds have been tested positive for drugs. It seems as if trainers use drugs in the dogs to help the win. At the same time, they use drugs to mask injuries.

For the female greyhounds, drugs are used to disrupt their reproductive cycle. This is as when the dog is in heat, the trainer loses a lot. Therefore, they use drugs and steroids to make sure that the dog is kept in racing shape.




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