Seasonal Pitches: The New Way to Enjoy Your Holidays

Perran Springs Lake

I thought I had tried everything with my caravan, but I was proven wrong last summer. Just I was beginning to think that there was nothing else for me to do with my caravan I came across the idea of seasonal touring pitches at a place called Perran Springs in Cornwall.

Me being me I decided to check it out and made a two nights booking at their facility. Having used my caravan for outdoor camping for close to a decade I must admit I was expecting it to be fun but the experience had surpassed my expectations, for a campsite in Cornwall.

In my mind, I thought that I was going to find a large open space with the few basic amenities that are characteristic of other pitches, but this couldn’t be further from the reality. The first thing that impressed me is the concern or is it customer care that I received from the facility management.

Perran Springs Touring PitchHaving never been to Cornwall before, I had trouble finding the facility at first. Due to this I had to contact the management for a little help. Not only did I receive very accurate directions but someone guided me to the facility through regular phone calls and ensured I got there in one piece.

My first reaction on seeing the place was “how in the world did I not know that this place existed”. The environment alone is enough to make anyone want to come back every season of the year. The beautiful fishing lakes in the area are your first assurance that you are going to have a good time no matter what your definition of a good time is.

I was shown where to park my caravan and in a few minutes and after some valuable help from the staff there I was all settled in. The space around my pitch was enough to fit a few more caravans, and yet I was told that it was all reserved for my caravan.

The facilities there are what you would rightfully expect to find in a hotel establishment. One thing that made me a happy man was the great shower facilities. Over the years have visited many pitches but one thing that always disappoints is the shower facilities. However at this campsite in Cornwall the shower facilities are the closest thing to your home facility you can ever expect to find in a camping facility.

Perran Springs ShowersAfter my two nights stay, I was told that I could be able to make a booking for seasonal touring pitches. That was an offer I was going to take. With the limited parking space at home then I couldn’t have received a better offer. Never having to worry about parking space for my caravan was something that I could afford to smile about.

The facility is open from the end of May to September every year, and I have already made my bookings, and I will be spending a couple of weeks with my family there. A couple of weeks may sound like a long time, but they allow you to stay for up to 28 day continuously. Furthermore with the plenty of activities to do at this campsite time fly’s away so fast.

If you want a new touring caravan experience that will leave you excited for a long time, then this is the place you need to visit.

Perran Springs Holiday Park
Tel. 01872 540568

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